Your life In a glass

Half filled or half empty.

Inside a voice Silently asks

Are you really thirsty?


Your love Wrapped in a paper

Expensive or cheap.

Do you want to love or being loved

is all that you need?


One Bright Poem

Too much darkness

inside my heart

my night darkens

her weeping goes unheard.


Too much confusion

led me here

Too much love

could not kill her fear.


Too much control

made my life a habit

I’ve lost my will

she could not found it.


I’ve not lost my smile

& she still has her voice

too much loneliness can kill

may be tomorrow is a better choice.

Rest In Peace

Free bullets for those who are in pain

Life of a rebel is wasted in vain

and you wish you could be free

and you wish you could foresee..

yourself  and your life binding u like a chain.

Free masks for those who can’t go deep

Free pillows for those who can’t sleep

Free advises from those who can’t feel

No one is fake but a very few are real..

Its always a bullet that leaves the gun’s tip.

Free bullets for those who could not live

Free ride for those who want to leave

and you wish you did know nothing but breath

and you wish you could know life is slow death..

eating you alive with no guilt.

For Her Eyes Only

There is nothing left to say

Still I’m sending this your way

Together we could not sail

All the things I write,

I wish I could tell.

There is not much left to write

I doubt whether I’ve the right

Still I want you to know

All the things I feel,

I wish I could show.

There is nothing left to do

In crowd your face is what I seek

I swear I’m giving you the truth

If I could wake up in my dreams,

I would wake up right beside you.

Sparkling Darkness

A thousand words of silence

Taught me how to speak

An illuminating darkness

Helped me when I could not see

My mind was reaching out for the stars

My body could not escape gravity

I waited for you with my loneliness

I waited for you  an eternity.


A dream unforeseen

Helped me when I could not sleep

A silence voice inside

Helped me when I could not think

My heart was reaching out for you

but my mind was bound to sanity

I know we will meet again

may be after an eternity.

Weight and Lightness

With the weight of the words unspoken

With the burden of the dreams that fell broken

Wisdom only grows heavier as we learn

anticipating another fall every time a new step is taken.

The more we want to live the heavier our lives become

Promises,choices and mistakes that we make

respect,love and hatred that we take

like a little sapling grows into a tree

once rooted to the soil,we can never be free.

If time runs in cycles just like mother nature

after an eternity right here is where I will be.

Does not it make life heavier than a guillotine?


Now imagine for a moment there is no one but you

keep your mortal longings away

find yourself in nothingness that’s true

you’ve no fear and nothing to lose

and you own nothing that owns you.

Get rid of your memory like life will never happen again

no remembrance,no dreams and no Déjà vu.

Life feels so light-lighter than a feather

your mind is free of glitches and your shoe is free of pebbles

there is nothing to hold you back until you realize

the lightness of your life is unbearable too.

Does not it make life lighter than a handful of soil?