Weight and Lightness

With the weight of the words unspoken

With the burden of the dreams that fell broken

Wisdom only grows heavier as we learn

anticipating another fall every time a new step is taken.

The more we want to live the heavier our lives become

Promises,choices and mistakes that we make

respect,love and hatred that we take

like a little sapling grows into a tree

once rooted to the soil,we can never be free.

If time runs in cycles just like mother nature

after an eternity right here is where I will be.

Does not it make life heavier than a guillotine?


Now imagine for a moment there is no one but you

keep your mortal longings away

find yourself in nothingness that’s true

you’ve no fear and nothing to lose

and you own nothing that owns you.

Get rid of your memory like life will never happen again

no remembrance,no dreams and no Déjà vu.

Life feels so light-lighter than a feather

your mind is free of glitches and your shoe is free of pebbles

there is nothing to hold you back until you realize

the lightness of your life is unbearable too.

Does not it make life lighter than a handful of soil?


3 thoughts on “Weight and Lightness

  1. zumpoems October 6, 2011 / 5:08 pm

    Very much like the editorializing at the end.

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