From Safe Distance

Had I been a painter

I would have drawn your face

With all the seven colors there are

across my autumn sky.

Then I would have lain on my back

With all my indignation,staring above

till the end of my time.

Still it would not have quenched my thirst.


Had I been a sculptor

I would have curved you out of cold stone

With all the warmth of my soul once there was

I would have made you livelier with every stroke

Inch by Inch,with utmost precision..

Then I would have stared at my creation

Imagining a friend made of flesh and of bones.

I am afraid you still would have left me alone.


But I am just a poet

All I can do is Write about you

With all the words that I have ever known

and with all the phrases That I would ever learn

I am not sure how to capture your grace..

Your poise,your smile,your face and your stare.

Someday I shall write the most beautiful poem for you

Still it would not be half as beautiful as you are.