Lets pretend that you cannot see

You cannot hear

And you cannot feel..

Lets pretend that I’m not here.

Would you still like me for who I’ve been?

Would you still keep me in your memory?


You could just let it go

Let time erase me from pole to pole.

Like there was no one before..

My spirit shall watch over you.

We are just captives of time and space..

But I love you in this moment and always.





Happy New Year

May you find a better me

I am sure I will find a better you.

The old year shall pass away tonight

May the new one makes your dreams come true.


May you find a new friend

A love story that never ends.

Food, Shelter, Clothing and a heart

May the new year givesĀ  you a fresh start.


You will find a better me

I know I will find a better you.

Lets hope we will find a better home.

May the new year makes our dream come true.


Wishing you all a very happy new year.God bless you.:-)