I would rather be the captain of my ship.

Seeking  the mysterious land on the other half of this world

Hunting the treasure  buried under the wrath of time

Longing for something that far beyond my reach

And I don’t care if my ship sinks

As long as I serve my own will.


My heart longs to know the unknown

Even though it knows that it might fail someday

And  if you don’t find treasure on the top of the mountain

The climb is something that you are going to cherish

And I don’t care if I fail and fall

As long as I am suffering for my own faults.


Residue of a Dream

Speak of something I have never heard

Show me something I have never seen

I have been home all my life.

Take me someplace I’ve never been.


Lets travel together forward in time

every moment spent with you is like a dust of gold.

and we’ll wake up to witness a morning sublime

’cause when we are together we don’t get old.


Someday my memory will begin to fade

and in your absence all it will seem

is nothing but a residue of a dream.

but  in my dream you will stay.