~Daydreams and Delusions~


/*  I watched the movie Before Sunrise yesterday. There is a poem in that movie which goes by the name “Milkshake Poem”. it starts with the words “Daydream Delusions”. I loved the movie and the poem. This one is inspired by the “Milkshake Poem”. */

Daydreams and delusions

Sleeping pills they never sleep

So I take two with cold water

A sense of calmness fills me in.

I fall asleep in this world

Only to wake in another

Beside you my love,

and there you’re beside me.

Daydreams and Delusions

They set me free.

Your heart beats

and I can feel it

on my fingertips.

The warmth of your skin

smooth as sin,wearing nothing

but a fragrance rising within.

Daydreams and Delusion

All my life, Where have you been?


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