~A Forgotten Temple~


Rashmancha – A temple located in Bishnupur,West Bengal,India. It was Built in 1600 AD by the Malla Kings.


~Paradise Bound~



The burning Sun returns every morning

We wake ourselves up

To get prepared for lives we have been living.

Race to earn the cheese from a mousetrap.


I could not learn what I loved

So I taught myself to love what I must do.

Its the same everyday.

Every night its different with you.


I survive what the day throws at me.

I bear with when I cannot get through.

Back in mind I know the Sun shall set.

Night is going to bring me you.


We make love like its our first time.

Then we make love once more like it’s our last.

We love, we hurt, we cry and we laugh

In each others arm safely we fall apart.


I could give up all my days for one long night.

I could give up my life to your hundred lies.

You break me, you wreck me and you make me feel alright.

For you, my love, are my ‘Kazbek’ paradise.