~Walls and Bridges~

~Walls and Bridges~

She builds walls around herself
When she is hurt.
Peace is where her mind wants to dwell,
She builds walls to set her world apart.

They don’t care,
They are never going to know
She thinks “they don’t understand”,
She is never going to show.

He is happy inside his walls,
For he is the only one knows about it.
Some think he is quiet, some say he is proud.
Most agree that he is weird, they don’t have any doubts.

Somehow She found him,
She looked at him over his walls.
She must have stretched as far as she could,
For she could see him all the way through.

They built a bridge together,
over the walls to connect their souls.
They could talk all the time to each other.
Life was good and without any troubles.

She is hurt again.
She tells him she wants to build walls and break every bridge.
He keeps his silence and looks into her eyes.
“If you must”, he says..”keep me inside your walls please”.