~Things We Know~


We did not choose –

Where we were born

And What we were born with.

Not the colors of our skins,

Not the names & surnames.

Not the Gods we prayed.

Not the flags we saluted.


We grow up-

Learn to expect

maximum out of minimum

And want to spend

more hours dreaming and take

only a few hard minutes

To give up on our dreams.


We grow old-

We judge our time spent

By what all we did

That seems right

Because the outcome

Is always familiar.

Never knowing what else was there, too.


It was one in a million-

chance that I met you.

Could not have as

We did not know what separated us.

Now there is space & time,

Now there is money & Gods.

Things we know we can overcome.

~ How to Avoid Making Some Common Mistakes While Working Out~


Let me begin with telling you that , this piece .is going to be my first post on WordPress which is not going to get tagged in the Poetry/Poem category.

I started working out in the second year of my college. I weighed around 76 Kgs and I was around 5’7″ tall. I was a bit on the heavier side but I had weak muscles. One of my friends wanted to join the Army so he wanted to get in shape. He wanted to join a gym and he needed a companion. (Eventually he quit after an year due to an injury that he did not get in the gym). I have been working out for around 5 years. I have never taken a break for more than 15 days at a stretch from the gym but yes, I was more regular and could spend more time working out back in my college days.

In the following paragraph I will be writing about the mistakes that I made in the early days of my time in the gym. I hope , some of you find it helpful.

I loved training my biceps and never paid more attention to my triceps-

1. Choosing some of the exercises as your favorites and giving you 100% to those exercises and choosing some of the exercises as the ones you never want to do and doing them halfheartedly.

I ignored my back and leg muscle groups for quite some time-

2. Completely ignoring some muscle groups because doing them does not give you the kick.

I tried to lift more weight while doing biceps rather than changing the pattern of my exercise regularly and doing a variety of exercises with utmost precision

3. Quality beats quantity in the gym too! You must challenge your muscle groups with a variety of different exercise routines. Doing the exercises properly will pump your muscles in a short time and it will also reduce the risk of getting hurt.

I did not do sprints on the treadmill. I went for long cardio sessions-

4. Long cardio sessions can help you to reduce weight. But once you have lost the fat, in order to get toned muscles , you need to do sprints. Sprints are more effective. Just google the images of athletes who have won the marathon and those who have won 100m races!

I exercises and continued with my regular meal-

5. If you start working hard and keep eating your regular meal that you used to eat before joining the gym it will not help you much. In order to get muscles you need more nutritious food. In order to lose fat you need to stop having junk foods. The bottom line is you diet has got to change.

I developed a natural aversion towards food supplements-

6. I developed this aversion early in my gym days and I got rid of it only a few months ago. The reason I did not like food supplement is that I used to think taking artificial lab made stuff is bad for health and also I did not prefer to put muscles on this way. But truth is that food supplements are not steroids! If you cannot eat a lot of “natural” food then you must compensate your body’s demand with food supplements for quick and better results.

I never get myself enough sleep-

7. This one is a critical mistake and whats more wrong about it that I still cannot fix this one. I am sure most of you guys make this mistake too. If you get sleep less than 6 hours a day you can have your body screwed up by introducing hormonal imbalance problem. Your testosterone level can drop and cortisol level can go up dramatically. In short you will find it harder to burn the fat and put muscles on.

I paid less attention to body weight resistance training-

8. Body weight resistance exercises like push ups, pull ups, chin ups, parallel bars are a great way to shape your muscles as well as to increase strength. Its not a good thing to get obsessed with iron at the start.

~ Need help! Urgent! Please help me out with this! ~

Today morning, I wrote to the person I madly love – “I just want you to know that there are very few changes I will not go through for you”. English is neither her or my first language but its the only language that we both understand. I think she misunderstood what I wrote. Can you guys please explain what does “I just want you to know that there are very few changes I will not go through for you” mean on the comments to this post?

I should not have used a double negative! I should not have! Please help me out fellows. I tried to find examples of double negatives over the internet but could not find a single one which starts with a “There” and has “few” in the middle.

God bless you.

~ Right Now and Always~

Taken with Nokia Glam Me

I want to be with you.

Right Now.

Even if you don’t notice my presence,

Even if you are busy at work,

I want to be around you.


I want to be with you

Right Now.

Even if you fall asleep beside me.

Even if you are talking to someone else.

I want to be around you.

Right Now.


I want to be with you.

Right Now.

When you are working hard in your club.

When you are driving back home.

I want to be around you.

Right Now.


I want to be with you


Even If I need to forget the world I know.

Even If I need to forget my home.

I want to be around you.


~ When a Dream Comes True~



Knowing you is like looking into a mirror

and seeing a better reflection.

For you are, my love,

better than all my dreams

and finer than the owner of these eyes,

Who dreamed when he was alone.


In the darkness of the moonless nights,

In the brightness of the bright Summer mornings,

He dreamed by the roaring seas.

He dreamed by the silent mountains

and he waited for another being

But never did he search for a single moment.


He waited for days after days

Months after months and years after years.

He waited to meet his shadow.

Not a single day did he search,

For one does not search for another

When one has never lost another.


I knew you existed in the moonless nights.

I knew you enjoyed the bright summer mornings.

I could hear your heart beat by the roaring seas

and I could hear your sighs in the silent mountains.

I waited for us to meet and never did I search for you, as I knew,

My love, I’ve always been yours and you’ve always been mine.

~Walls and Bridges~

~Walls and Bridges~

She builds walls around herself
When she is hurt.
Peace is where her mind wants to dwell,
She builds walls to set her world apart.

They don’t care,
They are never going to know
She thinks “they don’t understand”,
She is never going to show.

He is happy inside his walls,
For he is the only one knows about it.
Some think he is quiet, some say he is proud.
Most agree that he is weird, they don’t have any doubts.

Somehow She found him,
She looked at him over his walls.
She must have stretched as far as she could,
For she could see him all the way through.

They built a bridge together,
over the walls to connect their souls.
They could talk all the time to each other.
Life was good and without any troubles.

She is hurt again.
She tells him she wants to build walls and break every bridge.
He keeps his silence and looks into her eyes.
“If you must”, he says..”keep me inside your walls please”.

~ About a Girl ~

/* I wrote this about “someone” who read it and liked it. I am putting it up here so it stays forever. */

/* I met her. She met me. We love each other. We have dreams.*/


Stars they shine so bright,
The sun, it looks glorious
Only if you can take a look at it with your eyes.
Comets they come and go
Crossing the night sky with a sudden glow
But its her, my eyes search ,when I am looking up to the sky.

I dare not say a word about what she looks like.
For I don’t know a word that is as beautiful as she is.
But I can write how I feel when I look into her dark deep eyes.
Its like taking a look into a mirror and seeing someone I have never seen.
Its like feeling weightless when I fall, She is without and within.
That’s how I feel When I think of her-my answer, the moon personified.

~Paradise Bound~



The burning Sun returns every morning

We wake ourselves up

To get prepared for lives we have been living.

Race to earn the cheese from a mousetrap.


I could not learn what I loved

So I taught myself to love what I must do.

Its the same everyday.

Every night its different with you.


I survive what the day throws at me.

I bear with when I cannot get through.

Back in mind I know the Sun shall set.

Night is going to bring me you.


We make love like its our first time.

Then we make love once more like it’s our last.

We love, we hurt, we cry and we laugh

In each others arm safely we fall apart.


I could give up all my days for one long night.

I could give up my life to your hundred lies.

You break me, you wreck me and you make me feel alright.

For you, my love, are my ‘Kazbek’ paradise.