~Fall Right Back~

Eyes meet eyes,

Stars shine brighter.

An intoxicating fragrance.

Breeze is getting smoother.

Crispy leaves of fall.

Sweetness in the form of lips.

My mind has grown

A mind of its own,

When our eyes met.


Knowing your presence,

Hearing your footsteps,

Believing in your existence,

On my shoulder, now your head rests.

Our hearts beat faster.

Our breathing quickens.

Promising something new,

Blood rushes through our veins.

I’m falling right back in love,

Knowing your presence.



What I was

I am yet to know.

I don’t remember,

What will become of me.


If Time is a flat circle,

If I have been born,

One more time than

Times I have died-

My dear,

In every life,

I have loved you,

More than I loved my life.

From Safe Distance

Had I been a painter

I would have drawn your face

With all the seven colors there are

across my autumn sky.

Then I would have lain on my back

With all my indignation,staring above

till the end of my time.

Still it would not have quenched my thirst.


Had I been a sculptor

I would have curved you out of cold stone

With all the warmth of my soul once there was

I would have made you livelier with every stroke

Inch by Inch,with utmost precision..

Then I would have stared at my creation

Imagining a friend made of flesh and of bones.

I am afraid you still would have left me alone.


But I am just a poet

All I can do is Write about you

With all the words that I have ever known

and with all the phrases That I would ever learn

I am not sure how to capture your grace..

Your poise,your smile,your face and your stare.

Someday I shall write the most beautiful poem for you

Still it would not be half as beautiful as you are.