Dreaming of a Dreamless Sleep

Tonight sleep eludes me.

Trains of thoughts wreck my mind.

So many feelings. Like a rainbow,

On top of another one.

I never believed in afterlives,

Or in spirits, or in things I don’t understand.

But tonight, the wish to stay alive,

Just to see you, hold you, know you,

Burns so bright inside, that, I’m sure,

Even death cannot stop my soul.

Sleep eludes me tonight,

Like every other night.

Sleep eludes me tonight,

Like you do.



What I was

I am yet to know.

I don’t remember,

What will become of me.


If Time is a flat circle,

If I have been born,

One more time than

Times I have died-

My dear,

In every life,

I have loved you,

More than I loved my life.

~ When a Dream Comes True~



Knowing you is like looking into a mirror

and seeing a better reflection.

For you are, my love,

better than all my dreams

and finer than the owner of these eyes,

Who dreamed when he was alone.


In the darkness of the moonless nights,

In the brightness of the bright Summer mornings,

He dreamed by the roaring seas.

He dreamed by the silent mountains

and he waited for another being

But never did he search for a single moment.


He waited for days after days

Months after months and years after years.

He waited to meet his shadow.

Not a single day did he search,

For one does not search for another

When one has never lost another.


I knew you existed in the moonless nights.

I knew you enjoyed the bright summer mornings.

I could hear your heart beat by the roaring seas

and I could hear your sighs in the silent mountains.

I waited for us to meet and never did I search for you, as I knew,

My love, I’ve always been yours and you’ve always been mine.

~ About a Girl ~

/* I wrote this about “someone” who read it and liked it. I am putting it up here so it stays forever. */

/* I met her. She met me. We love each other. We have dreams.*/


Stars they shine so bright,
The sun, it looks glorious
Only if you can take a look at it with your eyes.
Comets they come and go
Crossing the night sky with a sudden glow
But its her, my eyes search ,when I am looking up to the sky.

I dare not say a word about what she looks like.
For I don’t know a word that is as beautiful as she is.
But I can write how I feel when I look into her dark deep eyes.
Its like taking a look into a mirror and seeing someone I have never seen.
Its like feeling weightless when I fall, She is without and within.
That’s how I feel When I think of her-my answer, the moon personified.

~ Fairytale and Reality~

When I met you I realized
You are not quite the girl I dreamt about
I saw your smile and it felt so normal
I saw your eyes and they felt so natural
where was the touch of fairytale gone?

Then the girl I dreamt about left my dreams
And I started dreaming about you instead
Your smile felt so normal but it was real
and I could not get over your shiny eyes
Because all along they were wearing my reflection.

And its not raining here tonight
I can hear the clouds colliding in the sky
and somehow I know I will not be dreaming of you
’cause I will save your face for the time when I am awake.
I wonder if you ever think of me, If you do please let me know.


Lets pretend that you cannot see

You cannot hear

And you cannot feel..

Lets pretend that I’m not here.

Would you still like me for who I’ve been?

Would you still keep me in your memory?


You could just let it go

Let time erase me from pole to pole.

Like there was no one before..

My spirit shall watch over you.

We are just captives of time and space..

But I love you in this moment and always.




From Safe Distance

Had I been a painter

I would have drawn your face

With all the seven colors there are

across my autumn sky.

Then I would have lain on my back

With all my indignation,staring above

till the end of my time.

Still it would not have quenched my thirst.


Had I been a sculptor

I would have curved you out of cold stone

With all the warmth of my soul once there was

I would have made you livelier with every stroke

Inch by Inch,with utmost precision..

Then I would have stared at my creation

Imagining a friend made of flesh and of bones.

I am afraid you still would have left me alone.


But I am just a poet

All I can do is Write about you

With all the words that I have ever known

and with all the phrases That I would ever learn

I am not sure how to capture your grace..

Your poise,your smile,your face and your stare.

Someday I shall write the most beautiful poem for you

Still it would not be half as beautiful as you are.