Everyday, Every Night


Chaos all around.
Humble orders and stern requests,
Friendly gazes and intruding stares,
Wants to chew me in,
And throw me out,
Every night.
Into my bed.

Peace is in your thoughts.
You are part of my mind.
You are part of my soul.
You are my oasis like nights.
Every breath with you,
Fills me in.
Your every word,
Makes me a better man.



I am not of my own.
I am always inside,
But my mind is not.
I listen, but I don’t.
I write, but I don’t.
I see, but I don’t.
I feel and yes I feel.
For I feel only about you.

Chaos all around.
Simple people and twisted plots.
Short notices and longer waits.
Fortunate accidents and ill fated days.
Chaos is in my mind,
Chaos rooted deep in my flesh.
Chaos is not at my heart,
For you don’t share your room with it.

~Daydreams and Delusions~


/*  I watched the movie Before Sunrise yesterday. There is a poem in that movie which goes by the name “Milkshake Poem”. it starts with the words “Daydream Delusions”. I loved the movie and the poem. This one is inspired by the “Milkshake Poem”. */

Daydreams and delusions

Sleeping pills they never sleep

So I take two with cold water

A sense of calmness fills me in.

I fall asleep in this world

Only to wake in another

Beside you my love,

and there you’re beside me.

Daydreams and Delusions

They set me free.

Your heart beats

and I can feel it

on my fingertips.

The warmth of your skin

smooth as sin,wearing nothing

but a fragrance rising within.

Daydreams and Delusion

All my life, Where have you been?