Not everyone can do everything.

Some can swim, some can’t.

Some can sing, some can’t.

Some can paint, some can’t.

Some can love, some can’t.


Souls were made in pairs.

Boys and girls.

Boys and boys.

Girls and Boys

Girls and girls.


Souls were made in pairs.

Then they were split into two.

Souls were sent to us.

One was me, one were you.

We found each other.


Not everyone can find peace.

Not everyone can find wealth.

Not everyone can have bliss,

Not everyone can have good health.

Every soul seeks the missing half.

Some find and can love, some can’t.


~Things We Know~


We did not choose –

Where we were born

And What we were born with.

Not the colors of our skins,

Not the names & surnames.

Not the Gods we prayed.

Not the flags we saluted.


We grow up-

Learn to expect

maximum out of minimum

And want to spend

more hours dreaming and take

only a few hard minutes

To give up on our dreams.


We grow old-

We judge our time spent

By what all we did

That seems right

Because the outcome

Is always familiar.

Never knowing what else was there, too.


It was one in a million-

chance that I met you.

Could not have as

We did not know what separated us.

Now there is space & time,

Now there is money & Gods.

Things we know we can overcome.

~ Fairytale and Reality~

When I met you I realized
You are not quite the girl I dreamt about
I saw your smile and it felt so normal
I saw your eyes and they felt so natural
where was the touch of fairytale gone?

Then the girl I dreamt about left my dreams
And I started dreaming about you instead
Your smile felt so normal but it was real
and I could not get over your shiny eyes
Because all along they were wearing my reflection.

And its not raining here tonight
I can hear the clouds colliding in the sky
and somehow I know I will not be dreaming of you
’cause I will save your face for the time when I am awake.
I wonder if you ever think of me, If you do please let me know.