Why Buddha Touched the Earth?

I am fortunate to have the most wonderful girl in my life.

She is beautiful and extremely talented and above all she has a heart of gold. She is an amazing painter and few days back she submitted one of her art work , the golden Buddha (Yes its on one on the post), to RedBubble. She was very happy when she found out that three pillows with her art work printed on it got sold. I have told her many times that she should go public with her work because everyone would love it. She was really really happy to find out that three people from different parts of the world bought something with her art printed on it. Below is a link to the product in case if you are interested. Surely if you like it and decide to buy it, you would make her happy ( and if she is happy, I’m happy).


The Golden Buddha on RedBubble


I decided to write something on the earth touching Buddha too.
I understand that my words don’t match her art because I am way too inferior a writer when compared to her work. Still ..


On a moonlit night

Under the starry sky,

He sat under a giant fig.

He has been suffering inside longer.

Truth of life was all that he did seek.


He was born to be a king,

To elude hunger, sadness and poverty.

Yet he sat under a Fig,

Away from all his belongings,

Fighting fearsome battles inside.


He fought the battles for many a days,

Winning over all of his six enemies.

He conquered fears that the demon brought,

He placed his left hand on his lap and

Touched the earth with his right.


The earth witnessed as he defeated his demons.

On the forty ninth night he found the truth.

He set himself free from his desires,

He set himself free from the cycle of rebirth.

He touched sky even though his feet never left the earth.


Desire brings actions we regret.

The purpose of life is to make us perfect.

Until we are perfect, the cycle of endless rebirth repeats.

He  broke the spell and set himself free.

The earth witnessed a miracle under the fig tree.