~ Once Upon A Time ~

Ever since,
Drifting away.
Ever since,
Drifting around.
Never really drowning,
Never really floating.
Ever since,
We never spoke again.
Ever since,
We’ve been drifting..
Me, in my life,
You, in my mind.


Ever since,
Lingering within.
Ever since,
Spreading warmth.
Never really covering,
Never really fading.
Ever since,
We never kissed again.
Ever since,
Our lips have been..
Mine, on yours,
Yours, on mine.


~Fall Right Back~

Eyes meet eyes,

Stars shine brighter.

An intoxicating fragrance.

Breeze is getting smoother.

Crispy leaves of fall.

Sweetness in the form of lips.

My mind has grown

A mind of its own,

When our eyes met.


Knowing your presence,

Hearing your footsteps,

Believing in your existence,

On my shoulder, now your head rests.

Our hearts beat faster.

Our breathing quickens.

Promising something new,

Blood rushes through our veins.

I’m falling right back in love,

Knowing your presence.

~ When a Dream Comes True~



Knowing you is like looking into a mirror

and seeing a better reflection.

For you are, my love,

better than all my dreams

and finer than the owner of these eyes,

Who dreamed when he was alone.


In the darkness of the moonless nights,

In the brightness of the bright Summer mornings,

He dreamed by the roaring seas.

He dreamed by the silent mountains

and he waited for another being

But never did he search for a single moment.


He waited for days after days

Months after months and years after years.

He waited to meet his shadow.

Not a single day did he search,

For one does not search for another

When one has never lost another.


I knew you existed in the moonless nights.

I knew you enjoyed the bright summer mornings.

I could hear your heart beat by the roaring seas

and I could hear your sighs in the silent mountains.

I waited for us to meet and never did I search for you, as I knew,

My love, I’ve always been yours and you’ve always been mine.

~ About a Girl ~

/* I wrote this about “someone” who read it and liked it. I am putting it up here so it stays forever. */

/* I met her. She met me. We love each other. We have dreams.*/


Stars they shine so bright,
The sun, it looks glorious
Only if you can take a look at it with your eyes.
Comets they come and go
Crossing the night sky with a sudden glow
But its her, my eyes search ,when I am looking up to the sky.

I dare not say a word about what she looks like.
For I don’t know a word that is as beautiful as she is.
But I can write how I feel when I look into her dark deep eyes.
Its like taking a look into a mirror and seeing someone I have never seen.
Its like feeling weightless when I fall, She is without and within.
That’s how I feel When I think of her-my answer, the moon personified.

~Paradise Bound~



The burning Sun returns every morning

We wake ourselves up

To get prepared for lives we have been living.

Race to earn the cheese from a mousetrap.


I could not learn what I loved

So I taught myself to love what I must do.

Its the same everyday.

Every night its different with you.


I survive what the day throws at me.

I bear with when I cannot get through.

Back in mind I know the Sun shall set.

Night is going to bring me you.


We make love like its our first time.

Then we make love once more like it’s our last.

We love, we hurt, we cry and we laugh

In each others arm safely we fall apart.


I could give up all my days for one long night.

I could give up my life to your hundred lies.

You break me, you wreck me and you make me feel alright.

For you, my love, are my ‘Kazbek’ paradise.

~Happiness Only Real When Shared~

/* It took some effort to write this one. There are two types of poems. Sometimes you write without any effort. Those are the best work. This one is not one of those. I wrote this one after my last date. She is never going to read it. ~*/

Why can’t I write?

Birds they fly without any struggle

Except for those with broken wings.

Here I am dealing with troubles.

May be I don’t care any more to make papers bleed.


Why can’t you reach me?

Kids they connect without any trouble.

I sit opposite to you, only two cups of coffee between us.

The gift that you brought for me sits on the table.

Do you sense that we belong to two different worlds?


Why can’t I give up still?

When all my heart want is to be free.

I know you exist at some point of this blue sphere.

Someday I will join you in a dream,together we will escape reality.

Because happiness only real when shared.

~Daydreams and Delusions~


/*  I watched the movie Before Sunrise yesterday. There is a poem in that movie which goes by the name “Milkshake Poem”. it starts with the words “Daydream Delusions”. I loved the movie and the poem. This one is inspired by the “Milkshake Poem”. */

Daydreams and delusions

Sleeping pills they never sleep

So I take two with cold water

A sense of calmness fills me in.

I fall asleep in this world

Only to wake in another

Beside you my love,

and there you’re beside me.

Daydreams and Delusions

They set me free.

Your heart beats

and I can feel it

on my fingertips.

The warmth of your skin

smooth as sin,wearing nothing

but a fragrance rising within.

Daydreams and Delusion

All my life, Where have you been?

I Love Us

You’ve got a hundred reasons to be happy

you’ve got a thousand reason to smile

You’ve got a billion stars shining above

and you’ve got moments full of life.

I have got single reason to be sad

I have got my restlessness inside.

I have got paper and a pen in my hand

and  I have got a poet’s mind.

We have got the distance  between us

We have got time yet to pass

We have got a promise and we will meet

and we will make a story that shall last.


/* I don’t know if it is a good piece of work..but I’m sure that I’m not satisfied with it. I might come back and edit and re edit. I might forget about it. */

Residue of a Dream

Speak of something I have never heard

Show me something I have never seen

I have been home all my life.

Take me someplace I’ve never been.


Lets travel together forward in time

every moment spent with you is like a dust of gold.

and we’ll wake up to witness a morning sublime

’cause when we are together we don’t get old.


Someday my memory will begin to fade

and in your absence all it will seem

is nothing but a residue of a dream.

but  in my dream you will stay.